Legacy Modernization

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Legacy Application Modernization

What is legacy modernization?

Legacy modernization is what commonly known as software modernization or in simple terms, legacy modernization is software/ tech update for your company. With changes happening in technology quicker than any other industry, it is difficult to keep up to date with all new programming languages, software, database models, system architecture and security controls. Legacy modernization is the act where a highly qualified team works on reprogramming your entire outdated or older version of the system to newly developed programs.

Each company has a legacy, a system that the company has been built on and worked with for many years. Usually, the old system is compatibly connected to new tech like printers and computers for functional usage. Every huge development shift comes after a decade. People will leave the organization but the software remains. It is importance to cover up the backlog and bring in the newer systems.

Why you need legacy modernization?

The systems carried by your organization can cause you immense maintenance costs along with a dedicated team that manages the company’s old IT systems. Software modernizations applications turn your legacy systems into newer technologies that are cost effective, faster in processing and add greater value to your company’s name.

The system change will assure business continuity, reduces costs in IT maintenance, reduced business risk of failure and improve flexibility. It also helps in maintaining the critical workflow from the legacy application to the new technology in resulting higher return on investment. Legacy modernization affects the entire business in a positive form and ensures faster process for a better user experience for your customers.

How we help you?

We can help you drive down your costs and improve the process validation with faster time and better results. You will not have to experience any inconvenience in your everyday operational activities as the time consumed by our experts and application will be shorter. The process involves followed by us includes re-architecture, Re-engineering, application and data migration and re-hosting. It needs detailed portfolio assessment and planning for risk-free workflow continuity. Rewrite and redesigning your entire system will disturb the operational activities and will cost 70% more as compared to code conversation which is the base of our modernization process.

Why choose us?

We can help you modernize with affordability and minimized operational risk with improved experience for the end users. Our experts have built an error free process that makes the code conversation 30% faster than a total system rewrite. Our services include

  • Assessment and planning
  • Application re-engineering
  • Application migration
  • Data migration
  • Re-hosting

An experienced partner can play a vital role in achieving a successful result to the project. Unlike some IT changes and undertakings, it is better and easier to look at legacy modernization as a journey and a process than a project. After all, this is the basis on which the company has to continue its business and build up here on for many more years to come. Legacy modernization is a change that is inevitable if you want to survive as a fully functional business in the competitive environment.