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Delivery Model

GRSoft's offshore delivery models are experts in offering supple business models for off shoring/outsourcing IT.

Whatever might be your reasons choosing to outsource, be it for cost reduction, improving operations or maybe even restructuring, the services offered to you by us, will result in financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, political impact and intuition.

Our offshore delivery model demands that all the project related research and development, from initial study to testing, is done in our premises. The client can directly undertake all dealing with the offshore team without having to carry out any direct communication throughout the entire process, once the preliminary interactions with the client concerning their requirements are done with.

On the other hand, a client can deal with the offshore research and development team by means of other communication devices like phone, emails, skype and video conferencing. This model in particular works well in situations where the project goals are well defined and deviating from from the same is not likely. Our committed offshore project team, works within predefined practices, thereby making these models the most cost effective.

Some of the advantages of the offshore model include:-

  • Cost reduction: Advantage of low labour cost, which will be reflected in drastic reduction in the overall costs. Clients can get high quality work from the quality offshore resources
  • Concentrated team effort : This ensures the development of team's scalability to quality since team attention is fixated at one place
  • Rapid time delivery: Our team of experts will ensure and guarantee that your work will be completed and delivered in time
  • Seamless extension of the client's environment to the extended offshore team: You need not worry about losing the essence of your own work environment as we do everything possible to create the same at our research and development facility.
  • Minimal vendor effort at client location resulting in lower outsourcing costs
  • Greater transparency into distributed teams through use of technology and over-lapping work hours
  • Collaborative product/service development : Our research and development team works in tandem with you to suit your needs.
  • Skilled resources are readily available
  • Infrastructure requirements drastically reduced
  • Reduces overhead of in-house resources
  • Time zone differences are used optimally by our staff which works round the clock to provide 24-hour availability
  • Drastic reduction in turnover time : The probably happens to be one of the most important benefits you are likely to come across. Bearing in mind the time zone differences and the fact that our team operates round the clock, we are likely to improve your turnover time by 50%. We fully understand the value of time is and we make sure to use it to our advantage thus ensuring our mutual benefit.
  • Virtual Teams : We take full responsibility of our team which is dedicated to your outsourcing needs. We ensure that they live up to your expectations by persistent monitoring of their work along with your valuable feedback to make sure that you get maximum output with minimum effort.