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Partnership Model

GRSoft partnership model is aimed at customers looking for long term services. Our model consists of setting up a dedicated facility for offshore research and development, comprising of people who have built their expertise in specific areas. This will make sure that there are no obstacles in the smooth functioning of the development process. We ensure the judicious use of technology and other related infrastructure while also constantly upgrading to match the market requirements. Also efficiently taking care of important business issues like pressures faced by our clients in terms of time and market.

We strongly believe in a planned and controlled approach, which is the key ingredient in the successful execution of our projects. Ours is a well-defined process, which has been tried and tested with time. It ensures a high degree of control at every major step of the project and in the process, yields immense satisfaction.

As technology related products and services are readily becoming easily available and affordable for medium and small sized businesses, it is all the more important to make sure that basic needs of the enterprise are met and our clients can focus on what is more important and not be bogged down by routine tech glitches. We believe in building a strong association with you, which goes beyond the client – vendor relationship.

Our objective in this partnership model is to maximize the value of what you invest in IT research and development through the use of leading technology in the market and reliable technical expertise which come together to provide a sound computing environment.

Our offshore development center consists of a dynamic team of professionals with rich academic background and strong proficiency in latest IT technologies. We at GRSoft practice top notch quality standards to provide the best possible benefits to our clients 24x7.

This model creates a distinct and easy opportunity to integrate your organization with our offshore center. Flexible partnership models are readily available which go with your unique needs and expectations.

This ensures :-

  • Preservation of knowledge of business and other processes
  • Capable of quick start-up for each new project undertaken
  • Smooth integration with client's practices and methods
  • Long term support offered for legacy applications
  • Experimentation with up an coming technologies at minimum risk and cost
  • Integrated planning to let you focus and direct all your energy on core business needs by taking away your burden of staffing and training

Our offshore research and development centers have :-

  • A devoted facility
  • A committed team of professionals
  • Reliable hardware and software infrastructure
  • Dependable high-speed communication equipment
  • High network security
  • Apparatus for IP Protection
  • Distinct software development facilities

We make sure that your experience is comfortable during the entire procedure of setting up an off shore center that. During the establishment process of an off shore center, the services of an exclusive developer team are made available to you, which are solely focused on your task, and they work as a practical extension of your home team.