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Microsoft .Net Application Development

The cut throat competition that exists among enterprises today constantly demands more IT investments and adoption of new applications to meet the fast changing business needs. Our Microsoft Platform-based solutions and service offerings give you the necessary infrastructure, products, and tools to create and organize innovative business solutions that assist in embracing newer technologies, improve employee efficiency and offer deep understanding of business performance.

Typical challenges faced by clients

Implementing IT to the changing and growing business needs is a constant challenge In a typical enterprise. Some of the major challenges include the following:

  • High cost of maintaining legacy applications and technologies
  • Incomplete knowledge of enterprise, which is also not shared between employees
  • Non existence of a cohesive platform to aid the smooth teamwork between employees, partners and suppliers
  • Absence of implementable vision in business processes
  • Inept user experience of legacy LOB applications, resulting in decreased employee productivity
  • Inefficient utilization of IT infrastructure

Commercial value

  • Comprehensive knowledge about the Microsoft Platform: GRSoft has a number of skilled and qualified associates on the Microsoft Platform.
  • Providing feasible solutions and services across key Microsoft technologies which includes security, business modelling, intelligence for business and optimum use of infrastructure.

Benefits :

  • Economical - Better productivity will lead to reduced labour costs for development, and more choices in system vendors will improve procurement prices and terms. Windows software and Intel / AMD systems usually sell for considerably less than their mainframe equivalents. Although a migrated application may lead to heavy cost savings, the total cost savings are capped until the fixed overhead of the mainframe, midrange or UNIX system is eliminated.
  • Support - Platform Modernization resolves problems of the availability of skilled computer professionals. Migration also allows companies to choose between systems from various manufacturers on which to run those applications, and from multiple suppliers. Overall supportability improves with the number of applications moved off the mainframe.
  • Agility - It is ensured by the features various applications bear, the development environment, and the application infrastructure. If you migrate an application to Windows, your programmers can then use the natural abilities of the Microsoft developer tools and applications like Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Biztalk Server, hence enhancing their productivity and reducing time to market for new applications. Agility improves with increased usage of these Microsoft products in the application.

The team GRSoft Solutions will ensure a positive user and customer experience without any kind of administrative interference, with features for self-service provisioning, data governance and regulatory compliance. We provide the assurance of high availability, flexibility and reliability you expect from a trusted solution provider. This platform includes infrastructure automation tools that help you to capitalize on service uptime and considerably reduce manual, error-prone tasks.

In case any issues occur, they can be easily resolved. This, once and for all eliminates the hassle and management of troubleshooting across multiple vendors, so that you can direct your attention towards advancing your business.